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Speaker for December 16 Meeting

Chris Seeby lives in Lexington, SC and is a graduate of Clemson University, and a pastor. He is also a husband and a father who tries to live out what scripture teaches which is to love God and people. In March 2020 as COVID19 locked down his community, and the nation, he sought out an innovative way to love and serve his community by bringing local farm products directly to the local people. As a pastor in his community for the last 10 years, he sought to combine a few skills into an experimental project. He explored the possibility of connecting the people in his local community with the good hardworking men and women who provided food through their fresh products essentially “farm to table” while providing them better wages, and while selling them under retail prices. This would help both the American farmer and the consumer, and as a farmer himself, he had long seen the space between what family farms are paid versus what grocery stores charge to purchase. Thus, the advent of Groceries On the Go.


Groceries On The Go is quite simple. When you buy groceries through Groceries On The Go, you do good in the process. They bring their best local farm products directly to your community at reasonable prices. The community is also given the opportunity to be generous in the process. If their pantry is full, they can still make a purchase, and at time of purchase choose to automatically donate those products to a local food pantry to serve those who are less fortunate. Groceries On The Go will connects the hosting organization with a local food pantry. Chris joins us today to explain the fundraising aspect of Groceries on the Go and how Rotary may partner with them in our community.